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Why send a report?  What is this report used for?  Each garden club is unique, with different goals and criteria.  Most clubs are community service clubs, garden study groups, floral design groups or a combination of these interest.  These reports help us learn more about your club, interests, activities, etc.  This information is used to help us better serve your club. 

This information is also used when making reports to Central Region and National Garden Clubs.  Ideas or suggestions given by you, as president of your club, may also be used for future articles in the NEWS as a way to share with other clubs around Iowa.
Federated Garden Clubs of Iowa ~ Forms

The following forms may be downloaded to your computer by clicking the links (in green).  Save these forms to your computer as a Word document to complete, save, and print for submission.  Each club is requested to return a President's report.  Additional/Optional reports include the Blue Ribbon Club or Advance Club Rating Awards forms.
To qualify for this award, a club must have a minimum score of 100 on this form, and have a Blue Ribbon Yearbook. If more space is needed, use a separate sheet of paper.  A Book of Evidence is NOT required for this Rating. 

This form is sent to the Awards Chairperson by December 31. ~ Additional copies to be sent to the FGCI State President and your District Director.  
To apply for this award, send a lightweight folder to the Awards Chairperson by December 31. This 8½ by 11 inch folder should be securely fastened together, with the name of your club, address and district number on the cover. 

Put a copy of the President’s Report and the Advanced Rating score sheet in the front of the book, and follow with a complete explanation of each of the points earned, clippings, pictures etc. This folder will be returned to your club and is meant to be a history of the year’s activities. 
Kaye Payne receiving the Fort Dodge Fed. Garden Club's Advanced Rating Award from Yvonne McCormick, FGCI State President (2009-11), at District 6 Meeting.
Sandy Wales presents Kinglsey Garden Club Award to Darla Rock
National President Renee Blaschke with Flower Show Clerks at State Flower Show 2010.
Pella Flower Show Chairs take a break.
Independence Garden Club members toured Roger Buhr's gardens in Decorah.
Shirley Rozendahl with her loot at District!
Ways & Means Table at District 2 Meeting
This award is designed to honor those garden club members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for their garden club. This is a special pin that will only be presented at the FGCI State Meeting each year. 

Honor garden club members with a life membership!
See the Fall 2021 NEWS for the Award Application 
and a complete listing of 
FGCI Awards