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 The Federated Garden Clubs of Iowa, Inc. grew out of the Garden Short Courses begun at Iowa State College (University) in Ames, Iowa, in 1925. In 1927, a resolution was adopted to form a state garden club organization. A committee was selected to compile a list of all the city garden clubs in the state and create articles of organization. The constitution was presented at the 1928 Garden Short Course and unanimously approved. The Federated Garden Clubs of Iowa became a charter member of the National Council of State Garden Clubs (National Garden Clubs, Inc.) in 1929 and an affiliate of the Iowa State Horticultural Society.

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About Federated Garden Clubs of Iowa, Inc.
FGCI 1st VP & Awards Chair

The Federated Garden Clubs of Iowa has been a very active organization since its creation. Flower shows were an early and continuous part of the Garden Clubs of Iowa. Members were encouraged to participate in local and state flower shows and they could also attend workshops on flower presentation and flower show judging. Workshops and short courses are still organized for people interested in native plant species, conservation, and landscape design.  - by Barbara Rusk, FGCI Historian

FGCI President (2019-2021)
Terri Ewers
​FGCI President-Elect
Walter Reemtsma
Shirley Wolf
FGCI Secretary
Sue Becker
FGCI Treasurer
Cynthia Berkland
District 1 Director
Brenda Emick-Herring

District 2 Co-Directors
Ruth Hamilton & Shirley Bergman
District 3 Director
Bonnie Handsaker
FGCI District 4, 5 & 7 Director
Lois Boeyink
District 6 Director
Shirley Wolf
District 8 Director
Victoria Rute